My 1dI Experience

17 Dec


Syed Tasneem Hassan

My journey of “1dI” began with the 100 smiles project in 2013, in Uttara. And what a start! Everything in the process of making 100 smiles successful was AMAZING, starting from the meetings to the shopping, making bags with smileys on them, packing those things. Every little thing was great. And then came the best part, the actual event day. We were about 15 people, volunteering and there were about 200 children. We had a very hectic time trying to control them, but also, we had fun like most of us had never had before. We, the children and volunteers alike, played “Catch” on the grass, then jumped in the mud and splashed so many others in the process! I was supposed to just take pictures of everyone, but I couldn’t stop myself from getting involved in the fun. Then it started raining, heavily, but we still kept it together. We distributed the gifts very fast, and because of the rain, we couldn’t even do the things we had planned, like face-painting, henna designs, and a bunch of other stuff. But what I am sure that each one of us would agree on is that we had fun! A great day it was! My second project was celebrating victory through volunteerism. And, as I have mentioned countless times to all the people I’ve met after CVTV, the experience was life-changing. Well, first we had gone to “InHouse” on December 14th to see a documentary on the liberation war of Bangladesh. It was truly intriguing. And then on 16th December, Victory Day, we went to two places. First to a medical camp, but I didn’t have much to do there I just took photos of the activities going on, and as everyone was doing pretty much the same things, there wasn’t much to capture. After that, I left for wrapping the gifts for the children at Ashic foundation. Soon after we were done, we left for Ashic foundation and then I realized, I have never known true fun! We spent hours with those kids and every single one of them was adorable. There were all sorts of kids, quiet ones, loud ones, jumpy ones, cheery ones, angry ones, sporty ones, and all of us had crazy fun! We gave them gifts, we played with them, we colored with them, blew out bubbles, had balloon fights, cut a cake, ate it, took lots and lots of pictures, and in the end of the day, most of us got attached to a particular kid, and were calling the “our kid”. “My kid” in that sense was Ishmaat, and he was a darling! His nature was funny, active, naughty, sweet all snowballed together. He was giving kisses to everyone, which my new friend, Mehad taught him to do. The best part of my day was when Ishmaat fed me cake. I was feeling this gush of affection for that kid. The worst part OBVIOUSLY was leaving. I have decided that if I get the chance, I will visit them again. This is all I have been involved with at 1dI, and I hope there will be many more events which I will be a part of.


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